Everything Ruined- chapters 1,2, and part of 3

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Everything Ruined- chapters 1,2, and part of 3

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Chapter 1
The hard, rocky road had no effect on my bare feet. Of course it didn’t, I had run this road too many times. However, this time was different. Something was wrong. Horribly wrong.
Earlier that day, I had jogged down that same road to the cool woods to escape the searing heat on my thin back. Only thirty minutes or so after I got there, I started hearing faint screams.
“Ok, weird,” I thought. Then I heard the extremely loud whistle.
I took off running. Only one person could whistle that loud. It’s the whistle my mom uses to get us all home when we’re spread out over our many acres of farmland.
There are seven of us. My mom, Betsy, and my dad, Charlie, built the farm when they were soon-to-be-married. Then there’s my three brothers Tanner, who’s fourteen, Joey, who’s eight, and Ben who’s eighteen. Also, there’s my little sister, Lilly, who I share a room with. She’s five. Lastly, there’s me, Chandler. I’m twelve, and Tanner and I are like twins. We do everything together. You name it! We all live on a big farm with many animals. Horses, pigs, chickens, cows, fish, and more.
However, this particular whistle was more strained, anxious. I could tell just by the pitch. So I ran as fast as I could. It was like a race against time itself. I jumped over fallen tree trunks, stubbed my toes on rocks, and hopped about scattered pine cones that littered the long, twisting road to our home. Or what had used to be our home.
It was in flames. Red, blue, orange, and bright yellow flames engulfed the house. The fire was spreading slowly towards the barn, where all of our precious animals were kept. I saw Ben and my dad holding onto my mother as she wept, Joey and Lilly up against her, also crying, and our German shepherd, Zoe, sitting next to them. The question, "Wait, where’s Tanner?" ran through my head. I turned toward the barn just fast enough to see a figure run through its big double doors.
“NO!” I scream. I dart towards him, pushing through the arms of Ben trying to hold me back. The barn is even warmer than the lawn, and I start coughing right away. I keep going, however, and find Tanner unhooking horses and taking them out the back door. I start helping as much as I can, and soon Dad and Ben are in there helping, too. We manage to get all of the animals out just before the fire closes in around the front door of the barn.
The fire seemed to be moving even faster. The whole family just started running down the road, barefoot or not, with what little belongings they could scavenge from the house before the fire had gotten too close to them.
We had to stop pretty soon, because most of us were too weak from coughing over all that smoke to keep going any longer. We were still about a mile from the local town, so all of us checked our pockets for a cell phone. Ben had one, and we called 911.
Man, were they fast! We told them to check the house first, and when they came back, our worries were deepened. The whole thing, the barn, the house, and even the shed and crops were gone, burned within the fiery mouth of the flames. At least they managed to stop the fire before it got to the forest. *Sigh.*
The animals, we were told, were free. Thank the Lord! However, they had all run off, and we were forced by our love for the animals to go back and see the horrific, ashy site to get them.
When we arrived back at the farm, we were automatically greeted with coughs, sneezes, teary eyes, and a lot of crying and hugging. Not a fun site. The house was demolished and in a heap of ashes and smoking wood in the middle of the grass. There was still half of the barn left from when the firefighters put out the fire. The other was spread over the lawn in ugly, flaky pieces. Everything was ruined.
As we herded up all of the animals, the police called in animal control to bring in extra cars, trailers, and cages to bring the animals to get a check-up. They were soon there, helping us load the animals in, along with at least two ambulances to take us to the hospital.

Chapter 2
I was trying to tell the nurses and doctors who were rolling my bed down hallways with disgusting, pea-green walls that I was fine. They wouldn’t believe me. I could barely believe myself when I started to realize how bad my constant cough really sounded. Maybe I could use some help.
Rolling me into my room, my throat starts to burn. I moaned, and they helped me up onto an uncomfortable hospital bed, all the while saying stuff like “Its ok,” “Don’t worry,” Everything’s going to be fine.” Everything was
most definitely not going to be fine, I tried to tell them, but my throat just hurt more when I talked, so I stayed quiet.
Following me came Lilly, Joey, Tanner, Ben, my mom, and finally, my dad. Lilly looked fine, which relieved me, but obviously I didn’t look to well because her, Joey, and my mom gasped when they saw me. Now I was really starting to worry. I looked nervously down at my blackened body. I didn’t see anything too bad. Just a few cuts, I guess. Maybe it was just my coughing and hacking they were worried about, which was exactly what Tanner was doing when he was rolled in, too. My dad was coughing a little, but Ben, Joey, and my mom also looked fine.
Yes, I was glad that my family was fine, but I was still worrying about Tanner, the animals, my dad, even, and also me. I mean what was so wrong with me that three of my family gasped and gaped when they saw me? Hopefully, I would find out sooner rather than later.
When I woke up from my reluctant sleep, I found that my eye had a patch on it and was swollen and blue. I had a burn on my calf that stung, my throat still burned when I talked and coughed, though the coughing had mostly stopped, and my whole body ached from running so much. I wondered how the others were holding up.
I have to stay in the bed the whole day because of the burn on my leg. My family members came in to see me, all expect for Tanner. I kept asking them “How’s Tanner?” I was so worried! They said he was doing fine, recovering well, and also asking about how I was. I couldn’t wait to see him.
When I was let out two days later, I practically ran down the hall to Tanner’s hospital room. As I walked in, a tear trickled down my face when I saw his arm. It was stitched up from his shoulder to his elbow. He told me that his jacket got caught in the barn door and he ripped it along with his arm trying to free himself. I was so sad and guilty. I could have helped. Couldn’t I?
Two nights after that, we were all playing cards on the floor of our hotel room. We were pretty happy, I guess. Just worried about where we were going to live for the next year as we slowly start to clean up and rebuild our old home.
As I was coming out of the room I had to share with Lilly and Joey to get a sip of water, I heard my mom and dad talking in their shabby bedroom the cheap hotel had provided us with. It’ better than nothing, I kept reminding myself. They seemed to be talking about the house “It is going to take atleast a year to rebuild the house and the barn, probably even longer!” stated my beautiful mother.
“Well, we’ll just have to work as much and hard as possible,” says my patient father.
“Yes, but where are we going to stay for that year or so?”
“You know, we always have my parents if we have to. Mom’s parents passed away when I was eight, so I had only met them twice. I have only met Dad’s parents about seven times, because they aren’t really that, well, friendly, I suppose. Anyways, they make us do many chores around the house and the food is always really gross. A lot of the times we’re there I find myself feeling bad for my dad, having to live with these creeps for eighteen years. The day he turned eighteen, however, he was way out of the house.
“Oh, honey. We both know how much the kids don’t enjoy it there! Isn’t there somewhere else?”
“What about your sister’s home?”
By then, I had heard enough. How are we all supposed to fit into Aunt Linda’s claustrophobic apartment, anyways? I forced myself to stop thinking about it and tried to fall asleep. It wasn’t my job to find a home for the family, was it?

Chapter 3
“Uggghhh…” We all groaned as the old, Cowboy-blue family mini-van pulled to a halt in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s big house in Alpharetta, Georgia. It was about a three hour drive from the hotel in Aiken, South Carolina, which was about thirty minutes away from our farm. Well, it used to be blue. It’s pretty rusted from sitting outside at the farm. The farm…oh, how I missed it!
The whole family had to stay at Dad’s parents’ house for THREE MONTHS!!! Then, we’d all be shipped off to Aunt Linda’s for FOUR months! We had no idea where we were supposed to stay for the last seven months until we went back to the rebuilt farm.
Like any other times we’ve been there, we slumped out of the car and dragged ourselves to the front door of their big house. It was so big, in fact, that we each got our own bedroom! That was a plus side! But, of course, right as we got inside to greet them, they started yelling at us. "Take off your shoes! You're tracking in mud!"
"Close the door! The bugs are getting in!"
"Oh, Charlie, have you not taught them any manners?" They scolded us.
Tanner and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Then we started bringing in all of the bags and helped the little kids get set up in their rooms. I don't know why we don't just put all of Lilly's stuff in our parent's room, though. Whenever we're away from home, she usually goes into bed with them each night.
I breathed out a "Humph," as I sat down the last bag in my room. The absolutely gorgeous room consisted of a golden and purple bed, a mahogany desk, a plasma screen TV, and many small, but important, decorations. I love it! Maybe staying here will be fun, I thought.

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