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The Harp

Post  qelo on Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:37 pm

I wake up to the sound of my ringtone buzzing through my house. affraid I answer the phone, clenching my teeth in anger, as tonight is my night off. The sound of Hailee's voice fills my ears. I remember her from last year when she was sent to the research department. She told me that I needed to come to the lab immediately. I hang up the phone, run outside, and sit down on my motorcycle.
When I get to the research lab, it is hidden by a fake garbage truck company as usual. I run into the garbage truck number eight and sit down in the driver seat. I take a key from under the brakes and turn the ignition. The seat lowers into the ground about forty stories down and lands in a small room with a door. A small laser scans my eye and says my name, "Thomas Lexo." A key pad is unveiled by a titanium cage and I type in the code. The steel door slides to the side to reveal a futuristic room with people frantically running around in white lab coats holding clipboards. Hailee runs over and hugs me. She brings me to a small, white room filled with old friends. Sandra, from training, is standing talking to the professor. I look at the professor and ask him, "What's going on?" He turns to me and tells me that my friend, Kevin, was working on a project where your molecules can be broken up and sent to cyberspace. He was adjusting the safety issues when he got sucked into the world. The only way he can get back is if he finds a mythical piece of technology, called the harp, that can teach a human anything. The professor explains that he can't do it by himself because it is a very rough jungle terrain. He says that I have been chosen to enter the world, along with Hailee and Sandra, to go in with Kevin to help him get the harp. He says that everything in the jungle represents something in cyberspace. "I'll keep that in mind," I tell him.
Hailee takes Sandra and me to a small, blue room with circuits on the wall. The professor is in a small room behind us and we can see him through a window. He is typing on a computer when a blue light glows in front of us. I cover my eyes because the light is blinding. When I take my hands off my eyes, I am in a jungle with over-sized trees, plants, and animals. Kevin is lying on a rock, and he looks like he is about to die. I come over to him and moans, "Waa..te..rr." I take the water bottle out of my pack and lean Kevin up on a tree. I give him the water bottle and he drinks the whole thing. Sandra and Hailee come over and hug him. He says a giant bug attacked and bit him. He shows me the bite on his back as blood and green liquid run down his back and hit the floor. I take my jacket off, not needing it in the jungle, and wrap it around the gushing wound. With a holographic map in my hand, we start walking through the jungle.
We come across a boy with ripped clothes holding a human skull chained to his arm. His hair is covering his eyes, and he is growling. I ask him where we might find the harp, but he just kept growling. He starts mumbling something. As he speaks louder, I start to understand him. He is saying "The harp." His voice gets louder and louder until he is yelling. He grasps my hand so fast that no one would've known he even moved. He looks up at me and his face isn't there. He is badly burned and all I can see is his mouth. All I can make out is "Help," in a whisper right before his face catches on fire. His body falls into the river behind him. We will never see him again. The map turns red and starts beeping. I look at it and it spoke. "Large mass of negative energy ahead."
We walk forward as a large storm starts to brew. The sky turns grey and the clouds turn black. Lightning fills the sky. We come across a cliff. It has to be at least two hundred feet down. It is slightly slanted and Sandra suggests we slide down on tree bark. I rip tree bark off of an old tree. We tie a sail made out of a giant leaf to the bark and we load on. We start sliding down and we realize how bumpy it is. Rocks start to chip the bark away. Soon we're huddled together as the bark chips. Soon Hailee is sitting in my lap as we race down the wet, muddy cliff.
Sandra is barely holding on, and she looses her grip. She starts rolling down, and she hits the water. When we get down to the river, we can't find her. We find a bank at the end of the river, but it's still too high to climb out. As we head towards the ocean, I spot a long branch. I tell Kevin and Hailee that we should put our hands up and grab the branch and the raft swims away in front of us. I pull myself off of the branch and help the two up. Hailee sits on the ground and puts her hands in her face and starts crying. "I can't believe we lost her," she mumbled. I sit down next to a bush and Kevin wobbles towards me. Still dizzy from dehydration, he falls into the bush. I look through the bush, and I can't see him. As a gut reaction, I jump, too. I fall next to Kevin. He is staring at something. I look over and see. A golden instrument is lies on a rock with a patch of sunlight gleaming on it through a willow tree. I swim across the river, enthralled by the gold. I touch it. "Kevin! Hailee! Get over here!" I yell. As they are swimming over, an alligator snaps Hailee and pulls her under. Kevin screams and swims faster than anyone has ever swam. I help him up onto the rock. Kevin stares at it. "It really is real." He plucks a string, hoping for knowledge. Instead he catches on fire. He falls into the river. I sit down. Legs crossed. Too afraid to pluck a string, I just sit. Waiting to starve, waiting for an alligator, waiting for death.

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